2016-2017 Fundraising Goals

WSO PTA needs everyone’s support to reach our goals this school year!

Our children are worth the extra efforts to have such a wonderful academic program here at Wilson School.  Our carry-over funds of $15,469.86 will be applied to this year’s goals.  Thank you for your support!

Basic Needs for 2016-2017: $81,215.00

  • Technology Program
  • STEM Program
  • Audio Visual Equipment Repair & Maintenance
  • Staff Subsidy for Classroom Supplies
  • World Language Programs
  • Air Conditioner Maintenance & Repair
  • Student Programs and Activities

and so much more…

2016-2017 Fundraising Focus: $23,000.00

  1. $13,000.00: Purchase of PC Laptop Cart
  2. $10,000.00: Purchase of 8 Video Projectors for classrooms

2016-2017 Goal: $88,745.14

$81,215.00 Basic Needs
$23,000.00 Fundraising Focus
-$15,469.86 Carry-Over Funds from 2015-2016

Donation Form

The suggested goal for each student is to raise $300.00 (in profit).  Please complete the donation form and return it with your donation to the WSO PTA box in the Wilson Elementary School Office.